Do Koi Eat Tadpoles and Frogs?

If you have built out a large well vegetated pond in your backyard at some point or another you may well see tadpoles or frogs in and around your edges of your pond.

If you have stocked your pond with lots of beautiful koi you might well be wondering will those kio eat tadpoles or frogs and are there any risks associated with it?

Small amphibians like frogs, toads, and salamanders will be naturally drawn to to shallow waters especially if they are well vegetated.

If your koi live in a tank this is obviously not going to be an issue but out in your backyard you won’t have much control over what creatures may find their way into your pond.


If there are fish present the will be less likely to inhabit that specific body of water.

That being said your well built, filtered and maintained pond may well be the best body of water around for amphibians to try and breed in.

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Just like any habitat most ponds will find a balance between all the animals, insects, and vegetation that inhabit it.

Frogs, frog spawn, and tadpoles will become a part of that balance and unless they have a massive population spike the majority of frogs will not harm your koi.

So if you do end up with a koi pond with frogs you can rest assured that it is not a major concern.

Although once you see spawn or frogs start to appear it is a good idea to monitor all of your koi and their health, that includes the overall health of the pond and the quality of the water.

Do Koi Eat Tadpoles?

Koi will eat tadpoles buy only if they are really hungry so if you are feeding your koi the right amount of food there is less of a chance that they will feed on tadpoles.

They may well eat them by mistake if they are used to eating some of the smaller sub-aquatic insects the live in your pond.

This should not pose too much of a health risk for your koi.

If they are hungry enough koi will eat other fish and pretty much anything else that looks like it will fit in their mouth.

Do Koi Eat Frogs?

Koi will eat baby or really small frogs but only if they are really hungry, feeding your koi an adequate supply of food will lessen the chance of them eating a frog.

Just bear in mind that koi are quite inquisitive fish and they have been known to bite at things like frogs, toads or small birds that might stop for a drink on the edge of your pod so don’t be too surprised if it happens.

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Do Frogs Eat Koi Fish?

Frogs will eat koi but only if they are small koi or koi fry so if you have large koi you should not have too much to worry about.

Large mature frogs will feed on any small fish if the moods takes them so if you have a lot of young koi fry in your pond then they may well become a target for hungry frogs.