How Long Can Koi Fish Go Without Food?

How Long Can Koi Fish Go Without Food

How long koi can go without food will vary greatly depending on a number of important factors. Koi have a natural digestive cycle throughout the year that see’s them eat a lot in warmer months and then as the temperatures begin to drop as the months move towards winter they will start to eat less … Read more

Can Koi Fish Live in Tanks?

Can Koi Fish Live in Tanks

Yes koi fish can live in tanks and aquariums quite happily providing you have a well filtered and aerated tank that is big enough to handle them. How much space you have available is the number one factor to take into consideration. Koi need a lot of water so you will need to have a … Read more

What Do Koi Fish Eat?

What Do Koi Fish Eat

Being a natural omnivorous koi fish will eat a large variety of foods such as algae, aquatic insects, surface insects, animal matter and plant matter. Most ponds will not provide koi with enough food so you will have to substitute what they are able to forage on with a high grade commercial koi food. Like … Read more

Can You Keep Turtles in a Koi Pond?

Turtle in Koi Pond

If you have spent a lot of time on money on creating your dream pond in your garden you might be wondering can I put turtles in a koi pond? Turtles can be kept in a koi pond providing that they are not a aggressive predatory species and they do not grow to a large … Read more

Do Koi Eat Tadpoles and Frogs?

Do Koi Eat Tadpoles

If you have built out a large well vegetated pond in your backyard at some point or another you may well see tadpoles or frogs in and around your edges of your pond. If you have stocked your pond with lots of beautiful koi you might well be wondering will those kio eat tadpoles or … Read more

Can Koi and Goldfish Live Together?

Can Koi and Goldfish Live Together

If you already have an established pond and are looking at mixing some different species into it for more variety then you may well be wondering can koi and goldfish live together in harmony? Yes koi and goldfish can live together in the same pond or tank providing that the goldfish are big enough, there … Read more

Do Koi Eat Other Fish?

Do Koi Eat Other Fish

Koi will eat other fish but it is not their natural behavior to do so. Koi are omnivores and will eat a variety of aquatic plants, insects, fish eggs, and other fish. If you are just starting out on your adventures into the wonderful world of koi carp keeping then you might be considering adding … Read more