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Late January in Mile High Denver it's 10F and it's snowing. Last night it was - 7F. Instead of 12" of ice covering the surface, the water temperature is 55F and the Koi are warm and cozy, very active and looking for more food. The gas heater shown above has the thermostat knob pointed at the blue right side screw. 1/4" inch more clockwise is 51F, another 1/4" gives 46F. It can still be set lower. Shown is the outdoor top, which is cool enough to put your hand on. The pair of 17" stainless steel 90 heat sinks protect the PVC from the hot temperatures of the heat exchanger. You can just barely feel the difference in temperature between the inlet and outlet sides, they both feel cold.

The cost to heat this pond is a worse case test. 1st it's in mile high Denver, so heat loss through evaporation is much greater than at sea level. 2nd it is an above ground pond, so the heat loss through the walls is much greater than an in ground pond where the ground temperature is closer to 55F. 3rd 3,000 gallons per hour is running over the fountain bowls, which again increases evaporation and heat loss. 

The gas cost to heat this worse case pond to 55F was less than $25 for the very cold month of January, with an average temperature of 29F. The heater consumed 40 Therms ($0.611/Therm) or 4,555 cubic feet of natural gas, which means it was only running about 10% of the time.

Prices start at only $380. Pond heaters can pay for themselves by preventing freeze damage to your pond, and the loss of expensive Koi!

Ask us to size your system, and to compare the costs of natural gas, propane, and electric heaters for your area. It may surprise you!

There are several benefits of heating your pond:

The reason pond owners don't use pond heaters are:

Our solution is to use special pond heaters with either brass, stainless steel or nickel alloy heat exchangers

Various sizes are available to meet your needs:

We often sell the Best Bond Heater, although we have access to all of the nationally recognized heaters: Teledyne-Laars, Hayward, Purex-Triton, Lochinvar & Sta-Rite.

Best Bond Heater has proven to be unsurpassed in quick parts replacement. One of our customers blew out the gas valve diaphragm by hooking up a propane tank without any regulator. Best Bond Heater sent him a new gas valve, no questions asked, and at no extra charge, within a couple of days.

We have seen one comparison of a Best Bond Heater 155,000 BTU furnace with a much smaller heater of unknown origin, which was very unfair. First it said Best Bond Heater did not have smaller heaters, which is not true. Second, it said the much smaller heater was better for smaller ponds because of the claim that Best Bond Heater did not have heaters smaller than 155,000 BTU. Third, it inferred that Best Bond Heater only sold natural gas heaters, meaning the customer has to convert from a natural gas to a propane heater. Again that is not true. Best Bond Heater sells propane or natural gas heaters from the factory. 

If you later wanted to convert one to the other, the gas valve needs to be replaced.

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