Photos from "Koi Kichi" by kind permission of Peter Waddington

This is a collective name for non-metallic Koi, which with the exception of Goshiki do not fall into any of the other varieties. They are true varieties, but compete against each other in a show under Kawarimono classification.

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Benigoi or Aka Muji             Kigoi                       Shiro Muji

magoi.jpg (14835 bytes) chagoi.jpg (16738 bytes) soragoi.jpg (14827 bytes)

            Magoi                     Chagoi                       Soragoi

ochibashigure.jpg (16334 bytes) hajiro.jpg (13470 bytes) hageshiro.jpg (12436 bytes)

    Ochibashigure                 Hajiro                       Hageshiro

kumonryu.jpg (14558 bytes) karasu.jpg (13628 bytes) midorigoi.jpg (16502 bytes)

        Kumonryu                     Karasu                     Midorigoi

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Aka Matsuba