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"Koi Kichi" is a must book for any serious Koi enthusiast. It contains many areas of information not usually found in other books. Most importantly it has a lot of common sense answers based on 20 years of Koi experience.

The parasite treatments he describes have already saved enough of my Koi from death that I have recovered the cost of the book.

Peter Waddington can be reached through his web-site and e-mailed at

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"Koi" by George C. Blasiola   The $7 price of this bargain book does not reflect on its quality.  It is loaded with good information.

George C. Blasiola is a graduate Biologist. From 1973 to 1980 he managed the Water Analysis and Pathology Laboratory at the California Academy of Science' Steinhart Aquarium. From 1975 to 1985 he was the chief Koi consultant to the City of San Jose's Japanese Friendship Gardens.

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"The Completely Illustrated Guide to Koi For Your Pond" by Dr. Herbert R. Axelrod, Dr. Eugene Balon, Dr. Richard C. Hoffman, Dr. Shmuel Rothbard, Dr. Giora Wohlfarth.

The pictures in this book are unbelievable. They look like photographs.

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"Koi Breeding - Propagation of the Japanese Ornamental Carp (Koi)" by Dr. Shmuel Rothbard of the Yafit (R&D) Laboratory Fish Breeding Center, Gan Shmuel 38810, Israel.

A technical, hormonal and mechanical approach to Koi breeding with photographic quality pictures.

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"Keeping Koi" by Nancy Cooper Wisner and Frederick Albert Simon.

This is a great book for people who hate to read. Many if not most chapters are 1 page long.

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"Aquariology - Fish Diseases & Water Chemistry" by Dr. John B. Gratzek, Dr. Richard E. Wolke, Dr. Emmett B. Shotts, Jr., Dr. Donald Dawe, and George C. Blasiola.

George C. Blasiola is the author of "Koi" seen above. Although this looks like a book on tropical fish it turns out that water chemistry, parasites and diseases are in most cases the same as for pond fish.